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The Ageless Journey

The Ageless Very Low Calorie Initiation Plan has been used by medically supervised weight loss programs nationwide since 1976. This isn’t a Diet – it’s a Lifestyle – a journey – one that you will be amazed at your willingness to give the greatest gift to all who love you – as well as yourself – Health – Energy – Vitality. 

Together We Succeed

Remember to manage your weight for a lifetime, you’ll need to make permanent changes in your daily nutrition, activities, and other weight-related behaviors. The good news: You have ongoing support – whenever you need it. Your Ageless counselor and physician will help you at every step, with education, counseling, and support to address all your weight loss needs. 

What to Expect

While you get to eat nutrient-rich foods our programs reset your metabolic processes, preserving your body’s lean muscle while rapidly burning through excess fat.

With Ageless, you can expect:

  • An initial, comprehensive exam by a qualified medical professional.
  • Physician review of medical history and medications.
  • Evaluation of kidney, liver, thyroid, and basic cardiac function.
  • Calculate current insulin resistance & cardiac risk.
  • Education on individual lifestyle changes & nutritional requirements.
  • Evaluation for weight loss medications if patient qualifies, desires them, and is medically safe.
  • Determine & track body fat percentage, lean muscle, water, and BMI through our body composition analyzer.

We Know Because We Did

Many of our staff have seen great success with the program. The initiation plan is not the LIFETIME plan – it’s the critical step to reset your brain and your body to receiving nutrients as our bodies were meant to receive. You will find yourself craving nutrient dense foods that you can make for your family, order at restaurants, and will cringe when you think about processed foods you may have craved before your journey – that’s one of the best dialogues we have with our clients as they move through their journey to their new Ageless Lifestyle. We hope to be your partners in this journey. 

A Journey of Sucess

Woman feels happy with her results from the Ageless Center in Indy

Meet Mary!  

67 year old female, has a history of obesity along with other health conditions related to morbid obesity. She has tried multiple diets and pharmaceutical solutions for weight loss without seeing any improvement to her health. 

Her first round of lab testing showed abnormalities to her cholesterol as the primary concern. After two weeks on the Ageless Journey she had a follow up with her PCP. He drew labs for her follow up and observed marked improvement with her cholesterol and compared her results to someone on high dose cholesterol medication.

After 4 weeks on the Ageless journey Mary has lost 20 pounds and now is able to walk twice the distance from her initial visit to Ageless Center. Mary initially said she had to stop to catch her breath half way through walking from her car to the office. She proudly now completes that trip with no breaks and is not winded when she arrives for her visits.

The Follow Through

Weekly support, encouragement, and motivation from our medical team.

  • Work with your physician to help manage current obesity related disease processes.
  • High quality, nutrient-rich foods that will keep you from feeling hungry.
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching that provides you with the tools to help overcome temptations.
  • Monitoring throughout the weight loss process to ensure your safety and preservation of lean muscle.
  • Education and training about how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.
  • We offer a variety of vitamins and amino acid supplements for energy, as well as Vitamin B12 injections.
  • FDA-approved appetite suppressants (where appropriate, and prescribed by a medical professional).

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